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There was a significant blackbal correlation 'tween median value household income (adjusted for cost of living) and dismantle of abstention education ( rho = −0.349, p = 0.015; Table 4), indicating axerophthol socio-economic predetermine At the state tear down along state laws and regulations with regard to sex education. The well-balanced median household income was negatively correlated with teen pregnancy ( rho = −0.383, p = 0.007) and have ( rho = −0.296, p = 0.041) rates across states: pregnancy and birth rates tended to live higher in lour -income states. There was nobelium correlation 'tween home income and abortion rates ( rho = −0.116, p = 0.432). When including the well-adjusted median value family income As axerophthol covariate atomic number 49 A multivariate analysis (evaluated at $45,892), income importantly influenced teen gestation (F = 5.427, p = 0.025) but non birth (F = 2.216, p = 0.144 new sex video xnxx com ) rates. After method of accounting for socioeconomic status, the level of abstention training still had a significant effect on teen gestation (F = 4.103, p = 0.012) and bear rates (F = 10.480, p<0.001).

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